Move your organization to TEAM Today!


TEAM is the simple solution to solve your organzations needs to capture, reimburse and invoice Employee Time, Expenses and Mileage.

TEAM is comprised of three integrated solutions:

  • TEAM Entry - Captures Employee Time, Expenses and Mileage from their cell phones.
  • TEAM Payroll - Integrates with your existing Payroll Application.
  • TEAM Billing - Generates and delivers Client Invoices to your existing Accounting application.

Simple Implementation

TEAM Entry is a managed Software As A Service that allows your Employees to capture Time, Expense and Mileage directly from their cell phones or laptops.

Supervisors can review Time, Expenses, Mileage - with the related receipt images - from their cell phones or desktop browser.

Simplify Your Billing

TEAM Billing solves even the most complicated customer billing requirements. If your organization struggles to manage the administrative costs related to preparing Customer Invoices, TEAM Billing may be the cost-effective solution to reduce overhead and improve turnaround time.

Simplify Your Payroll

TEAM Payroll captures time and reimbursable expenses, providing a fast and reliable interface to your existing payroll application.